Federal Work Comp

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Federal Workers’ Comp Doctors

The Federal workers’ compensation doctors at FED-HURT provide a wide scope of treatment and claims processing services for patients who have been injured while at work.

Our team of federal workers’ compensation doctors provide:

  • Claims Processing
  • Complete Medical Diagnostics Evaluation
  • Ongoing Process Evaluation & Therapy
  • Pain Management Program
  • Comprehensive Work-Related Injury Treatment

The only interests our federal workers’ comp doctors will look after are yours. They do not have the interests of your employer or the federal government in mind whatsoever. You are their top priority and will take every effort in regards to your specific situation. This way you will be able to receive the treatment and help you will need.

At FED-HURT, our team of highly experienced staff can provide you with the necessary paperwork processing that you will need in order to file federal workers’ compensation claims.

Contact our federal workers’ compensation doctors in South Florida to get the help you need today!